Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trivia Mania: For the Love of Random Knowledge

Last night I joined a group of awesome people (mostly awesome co-workers) for Team Trivia at a local "pub."

I put pub in quotes because when I think of a pub I think more "Irish Pub" and this is more of a "I can't decide if I'm a restaurant, sports bar or pub."

Anyway, we had a good time. There were 3 teams just for our group, and many more for the "pub." 6 rounds, halftime and final. I was on a team with Shae, Tim and Jeny and among our group we were in the lead the entire time (thanks mainly to Tim!) but lost on the final question.

Two of our teams in the group decided on a bet and so as the losers, Shae, Tim, Jeny and I will wear ridiculously mismatched clothes to work on Friday.

I'm thinking something like this?

I mean, it is casual Friday, right?? ;)

Anyway, not a bad punishment for losing, so I'm looking forward to seeing what we come up with.

But here is what I learned from trivia night:

  • Tim has a ridiculous amount of knowledge in his head. If I'm ever in a trivia match and he's there, I call him on my team. Dibs.
  • I was actually pretty decent. I definitely gave some answers and participated in the brainstorming. Don't under-estimate me y'all!
  • You should not have a job where you have to read things if you're not fully literate. The woman had a hard time with the questions. "Murals" was her downfall.
  • Grape Nuts were named after the aroma they produce during manufacturing and their ability to hold crunch. Who knew? Well, the Grape Nuts people... and Tim.

  • "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" was sung by The Charlie Daniels Band. Maybe that was widely known, but I didn't know it, ok? geez. Get off my back! :P

  • More of a confirmation than a new fact: guys who are good with kids- especially if they're not their own kids (not in a creepy, pedofile-y way, but like a cool uncle way)- are extremely attractive.