Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday: Because I can't think of a better headline

Dear Blogging World,

I meant to do a post sooner than this as to not leave you hanging after the epic Scientology 2 part series. I have failed you. Do you forgive me?

It's been a crazy couple of days. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Lots of good things are happening for me (upcoming trip with my cousin, new job starting soon, etc.) and for my friends (new job, woot woot). But even if it's good change, change can be hard sometimes. I'm not normally overly emotional, but I definitely shed some tears at work yesterday.

All that is to say, despite this lame post attempt, I am not living up to my normal blogging awesomeness and I promise to return soon. In fact, I have an interview with a brony in the works. [not sure what a brony is? look it up. seriously]

So here are some random things that have gone on lately and some random pictures for your enjoyment:

- I've been having a lot of bacon-related conversations with my friend, Dan. He really appreciates my love of bacon as he shares that love and I think that is a major reason why we're friends. Here's some bacon for your enjoyment:
awwww yeah!

-I have been having crazy dreams. I mean, I normally have crazy dreams, but I have been sharing them lately. Like my dream last night where my friend's daughter kept saying "crack baby" and some how that was a monetary term. Or the one where me, my friend Sky and Michael Cera were inside a mountain nightclub/arcade in China and Sky literally lost his mind. Or where one of my friends died from terminal cancer and all I could think was "wtf? why did you buy a cat if you were going to die. Seriously? how inconsiderate!?!"

I'm not sure what these dreams say about me, but let's not analyze it.

-I inherited free knives today. So that's something. I mean, I won't be moving into my own place for a few months, but my brother gave me knives. Not sure if that was a smart idea.
they aren't like these, but wouldn't that be awesome?

they're more like these instead

-I showed off my mad rapping skills today. Didn't know I was a rapper? You do now. Be impressed. I don't write my own stuff (yet), but I lay down some mad raps from these peeps, yo!

And that's about it right now because I'm sleepy.