Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scientology: Adventures in Employment - Part 2

OK y'all, are you ready for this?? If you haven't read part 1, click here to read it now! 

Before I get into the details, once again, I have not studied Scientology and do not claim to know all about it. This is merely my experience working with a group of them- to my surprise!

Part 2: Working

Day 1: Welcome to Scientology... I mean "physical therapy"

19 year old me was very excited to start this new job at "HM" Physical Therapy as the Executive Assistant to the Head Physical Therapist. Despite my relatively little experience or skill, after a 3-hour interview, a series of tests and some uncomfortable wait times, I was given the job and I was happy to begin!

Upon arriving, I was sent to "Katherine's" (the COO) office to fill out the normal new hire paperwork. As I sat in her office, I met her husband Matt, who I would later find out was my trainer.

After the paperwork Katherine told me a little bit more about the company. The first thing she told me was that she, Matt and her Uncle Bill (the CEO) were all Scientologists. She asked me if I knew about Scientology. I admitted that I had heard of it, but didn't really know details. Honestly this is what I knew:

These people seemed relatively normal for actors and they were scientologists: 

But I also knew that this guy was it's biggest promoter, and he's a freaking lunatic:

Other details: it's more of a corporation than a "church," they believe aliens are involved in some way and Katie Holmes was not allowed to scream as she pushed a human out of her body.

Well, turns out, Katherine and Matt were the "pastors" of the local Church of Scientology. Katherine assured me that I would not be asked to become a Scientologist while working here, but what she really meant was I would not be asked to be a scientologist outside of work. During the work day, I might as well have been a scientologist.

Then Katherine pulled out a book from her bookshelf and showed me a set of other books with the same logo- HMC. She explained that Scientology was started by a man named L. Ron Hubbard: 

Since Scientology is set up like a corporation, L Ron wrote a series of books on how to run a Scientology corporation. HMC stood for "Hubbard Management Corporation." Katherine explained to me that given the name of the office, they just pretend that it stands for "H_ _ _ _ _ M _ _ _ _ _ Company." So to break it down, they used books guiding them how to run a Church of Scientology as a guide instead on how to run a physical therapy office. Sounds legit, right?

After that Katherine explained that for the next 2 days I would be in training full time. Then I would start my normal duties and attend trainings sporadically.

The training room looked like a legit class room. Like this:

Matt sat at the front and a few random people were there already. I still don't know the names or titles of those other people because I never saw them again.

I was given a book written by... you guessed it! L Ron Hubbard! It was called "Learning How To Learn." This is the children's version, but I clearly had the adult version... it's probably about the same. :P