Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hockey Game: If not for the hockey, then for the ridiculous people

This past Friday I went to a hockey game with some co-workers and friends, Sky and Tim. They generously allowed me to use their extra ticket, so it was free! Those of you who know me know that my favorite price is free!

The teams: The Grand Rapids Griffins VS. The Toronto Marlies.

I'm going to be honest with you, I have no idea what  Marlie (Marly?) is, but I also haven't felt inclined to look it up.

I had a good time hanging with Sky and Tim and "rooting" for the Griffins (I mainly "yelled" in a deadpan voice things like "do better" "you should get a goal" "that's not the correct way to play" and "you're supposed to hit the puck." I'm a fun time at a hockey game- right Sky and Tim?? ;P)

Here is a picture of Tim and Sky- they were thrilled for me to take their pic for the blog, as you can see ;):

Well the Griffins lost 2-0, but the sad part was that they weren't showing off very impressive playing. That being said, I probably couldn't score a goal to save my life, so I shouldn't talk.

What I can say is that between the 3 of us and the group of young adults behind us, there were some funny and ridiculous moments. For you, my lovely blog readers, I diligently took notes on my cellphone so that I could share right now.  Here are some of the best ones:


What I said: "That's one of those situations. It could have gone terribly, terribly wrong."

What Sky thought I said: "Good thing we had a pair of Asians. That could have gone terribly, terribly wrong."

Guy behind us (later found out his name is Cory): "I bet I can beat you at drunk driving. I'm really good at it. I just put the AC on, roll down the windows and turn up the music. The biggest problem I have is that I get really sleepy when I drink. You just have to practice." side note: I had a really hard time not turning around and giving them an earful about being dumb-asses at this point.

Cory: "They like Moses and Elmo?! I'm naming a kid pepper." note: there is some debate between Sky, Tim and I on this. I could of swore he was talking about a kid. Sky says a pig. Tim says a dog. Though an animal would make more sense, a kid is funnier. That and because it's my blog leads us to the quote as is.

Cory: "I'd seriously fudknuckle him in the balls!"

Girl behind us: "And I was all... 'you're old.' And he was like, 'no I'm not." And I was like 'you're 30.' And he was like 'I'm 28 for 3 more weeks.' And I was like 'for all intents and purposes you're 30. I'm already planning your 30th birthday party it's so close.' And he was all 'you're almost 30, too.' And I'm all "no I'm not.' And he's like "well, you're not 20 and you can't go back in age.'"

Other girl behind us: "but you're only 24.....??" (at this point I considered ending it all)

Cory: "When I was in school, we used actual floppy disks!!!" (ooooooh!)

Cory: "I think the problem is, she's from Holland. It's F*cking impossible to live there!"

Fun Fact: One of the actors from "Days of Our Lives" was at the hockey game. I'd share a picture, but I'm going to be honest, I have no idea who he is so I couldn't find one. haha.
Tim (in response to the mascot shooting free hot dogs from a giant hot dog cannon): "Fire your meat at me!"

Me: "Oh man, at first I thought that guy was jumping up and down with excitement. Then I realized he's on crutches and trying to get up the stairs."

Cory (who is white) to a white girl: "Shut yo black mouth!"

Me: "So, earlier I looked on the screen and saw a number and I thought it was a timer. But then very slowly the number was increasing and I realized it was a clock."

Cory: "I didn't date in high school, I just hooked up."
Girl next to Cory: "You dated her." *points to Cory's fiancee*
(awkward pause, then the girls go on to discuss something else entirely. A few minutes pass...)
Cory: "So, what? Are you asking me how many people I slept with in college?"
 No Cory, no one was asking that and no one cares. You're a weirdo.

Sky: "It's a big gaping hole. How can you not find it? Stop slapping it around!!"    


Adventures in Hockey. It was a good time. I got to see Shae and Kelle, who I also work with, which was nice. My weekend started on a positive note (and stayed that way, in case you were wondering ;)


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  1. The hockey sucked, but at least Griff nailed Bud Lime with the shopping cart.