Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: Word To Your Mother!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! To the biological mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, godmothers, soon-to-be mothers, mothers to those angels who have passed, mothers who have past and watch over their children, and women who are in some way or another a mother -  even if that means you're a mother figure to someone who doesn't have a mother or who needs an extra one. 

When I was little I had dreams of what to be when I grew up- a singer, a nurse, a teacher, etc. (I already knew I was a princess, so I didn't have to wish for that ;) ). But from even an early age I knew I wanted to be a mother. I would even tell my mom that when I grew up I wanted to be just like her - in all the positive ways :)

My mom is wonderful. Compassionate, kind-hearted, hard working, loyal, sweet, frustrating, flawed, a perfectionist, self-giving, smart, forgiving etc. etc. She taught me to be myself above all else, to embrace the good and the bad, to try even when I didn't want to. She pushed me, and she let me push back. Sometimes she didn't push me, knowing I needed to make my own decisions. 

My mom was a stay-at-home mom for the majority of my childhood. For many years she was literally my teacher as I was home-schooled. She actually did teach me everything she knew. She taught me how to be honest, how to treat people with compassion and forgiveness, how to stand up for myself and others when things weren't right. She also taught me how to clean, cook from scratch and manage money. She taught me math, English and the Love of Jesus Christ. 

To this day I still have moments where I am thoroughly frustrated with my mom, or annoyed and just want her to leave me alone. But regardless of all those moments, I know I can come to my mom with anything. I can tell her what's going on in my life, but I can also tell her when something needs to be fixed in our relationship. My mom has always encouraged my brutal honesty, as long as it comes from a good place- a place wanting to reconcile things and make a better world. 

To watch my mom as a grandmother is awesome. It makes me want to have kids even more, just so they can have her as "granna." I know my niece and nephews adore her and I hope as they continue to grow they see just how amazing she's been to them.

My family has been going through some stuff lately. Stuff not meant for this blog. But one thing it has shown me is how much my mom is a fighter. In many ways growing up I saw her as a bit passive- wanting to please everyone so just doing whatever was asked. But now I see that she is willing and able to fight when we don't even know what to ask for. 

I hope when I do become a mother, that I have the sense to impart on my children all of the things my mother taught me.

My mom is amazing. I don't think she always knows that. I don't think we tell her enough. But I am very blessed to have grown up with her as my mother and I only hope that others are as lucky as I am.

I love you mom!!

♥ J

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