Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miniatures: A Journey Into My Obsession

Here's the deal....

I love mini things.

Ok, I more than love them. I'm pretty much obsessed. (lets clear this up in the beginning- "little people" are awesome, but no, I'm not obsessed with them).

I have a miniatures corner at my desk at work. At Christmas it also features a mini Christmas tree with mini Christmas presents (that I actually wrap).

When people go on vacation they often bring me back souvenirs (even if they don't buy stuff for others) because they saw something mini and thought of me.

That's actually pretty cool. Who knew that a weird obsession would get me so many gifts. haha.

Anyway, I seriously love miniature things. But it's specific.

People have found out about my love of mini and been like "wow, you must love Junior Mints."


Just because it's "junior" does not make it mini!

I specifically like things that are normally one size and are much smaller. For example:

Mini M&Ms

Teacup Dogs

Baby humans and animals (amiright?)

Funny story: I one time weirded out some women at Target because I was in line talking to a friend about my mini obsession and said "that's why I love baby clothes- they are like regular people clothes, but mini. Holy crap! That's why I like babies! Because they're people, but MINI!!"

Mini food in general

This is probably the most fun post for me to write because I got to google "mini" and just enjoy! So, here are more mini things- Look!! :)

A couple of weeks ago I went to a friend's house for game night and we played a game called Dicecapades. There were all different sizes of dice, including tons of teeny-tiny mini dice!

I'll be honest, I was giddy with joy over the mini dice. It was pretty sad actually. I cannot tell you how many times my friends gave me the "Are you serious? You're practically insane." look. Yeah, I get that look enough that it has a name. It looks kind of like this:

And I'm all ecstatic like these Asian people (except I'm not Asian... in case you were confused):


Anyway, we all have things we love for no real reason. We have a lot of things we love for real, valid reasons and that's cool and all. But I think everyone needs at least one obsession for something completely irrational. This is probably only one of mine, but it's my favorite. 

Do you have an irrational obsession? 



  1. My irrational obsession is probably milk and John Mayer :)

  2. Do know you know why you are obsessed with miniatures?? I'd love to know the psychology of it. I am too! Maybe we just remember being kids, I don't know...

    1. Hey Julie, I'm not 100% sure. I've always believed that part of it is because I've always been so tall and big (I'm Dutch, it happens) and all my friends were so short and tiny. I just got used to things being small. But I think it's also my way of being "girly." I'm not a girly girl. I don't care about hair, I don't wear much make up, I HATE shopping, etc. etc. But when I see mini things I become child-like and girly (squeals of glee, the whole thing). I think it's just fun. Some people collect coins or records, I collect mini things and they make me happy. And strangely, seeing me excited about mini things makes other people happy, too!

      You would have loved my mini Christmas tree this year! I got more mini ornaments, a mini tree skirt and found mini bows for the presents - the perfect size for a starburst! I looked forward to going to work each day it was up!

      Hope your 2013 is filled with mini delights! :)


  3. Hi ! Do you make miniatures if you love them so much ? Ileana

  4. I googled "obsession with minature things" and found this article. I am glad, I'm not the only one. I am not very girly either, but I get all squeely when it comes to mini things. Maybe you could post what you find and where you buy some of your mini things.

    1. did the same thing, because I just saw this cute stuffs and here is the link
      they don't have an actual store yet, who knows? just in case you're interested. I think it'll just cost you almost 20$.

  5. I think you're obsession is the best, because mine is similar. I am obsessed with miniature porcelain animals originally but now I a getting into other miniatures. I do love tiny dogs as well. It does make me feel somewhat like a giant when I arrange my miniatures!

  6. I relax when I see my miniature things!

  7. This is the exact same thing that I have I wasn't sure if I was just weird, every time I see a small thing I can't help but smile at it and every time I see a toddler walking I laugh because it's like a mini human and they look like they think they're a real human (well they are but mini ��)... mini things make me too happy... and thanks for the photos !

  8. I've had this giddiness about mini things for as long as I can remember , but I never really gave it any thought until a friend pointed it out to me one time, "I knew you'd like it because you love little things, don't you?" Yes! I love lIttle things! I remember the cover of Runaway Ralph and I couldn't stop looking at the little helmut that was made out of a ping pong ball. It fascinated me! Same with The Borrowers or The Littles. And my neighbors dollhouse. I could spend hours just looking at all the miniature items. Oh, and seeing the miniature exact replica of the White House with a working TV and chandeliers. I still remember it like it was yesterday although it was about 40 years ago. I'd love to know it there is a name for this obsession.

  9. Miniatures are a fun to deal with.
    Don't know what is behind our obsession. but its great
    i love them.
    the intricacy, the scale.