Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wheelchairs: Adult Strollers

A lot has happened since my last post:

Heart Update

Not a lot here, actually. Still waiting. I had another sleep study last night and had to sleep the whole night with a CPAP. Every time I move in my sleep I get short of breath. Usually I settle down fairly quickly. With the CPAP I just felt like I was suffocating - so that was fun.

Next week I have my appointment with the Congenital Heart Defect doctor and we'll see where we go from there!

Last week I took off work and spent the week with my awesome cousin, Jaclyn! She finally made her way to Michigan and we had so much fun!!

First we started in Chicago. We went to a yummy Peruvian restaurant, Navy Pier, Water Tower Place, Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Greektown, Little Italy, China Town, Millennium Park, Giordano's for Chicago-style pizza and the highlight of the trip, to see Book of Mormon!

I loved Book of Mormon, but I wouldn't recommend it to almost anyone I know. If you pretty much don't get offended and like a good laugh, see it. If you get offended at all, just don't. haha.

Here are some pics (Jaclyn has all the good ones, but here's some stuff):

The Bean

Millennium Park waiting for our bus

 Submarine in the Museum of Science & Industry
 Jaclyn testing out the wheelchair while I was in the bathroom

Nothing like the love between a man & his fish - Shedd Aquarium

Then we came back to Michigan so she could see where I live, see the family that lives here and experience Michigan! We did a full on tour of Grand Rapids (and surrounding areas), went to Lake Michigan, wandered downtown Holland, went to Dutch Village and visited the campus of Michigan State University - where they have a vet school that Jaclyn is going to apply to (as a back up, she wants to stay in California if possible).

Here are a couple of pics, but again, Jaclyn has most of them:

Jaclyn experiencing Lake Michigan
Cousin Wine Tasting - Jaclyn, Me, Roseli in Holland

So a lot of good times. I learned something, too - a serious heart condition does have its benefits.

Now, don't get me wrong, we had to pay extra for accommodation/taxis, there was a lot of extra work and struggle, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

But here are some benefits:

-Special (shorter) lines
-Use of facilities that others may not get (elevators, for example)
-People always remember you and if they're nice, that's cool

And the biggest benefit: Wheelchairs!

Ok, so not so much a benefit for Jaclyn, but for me it was AWESOME!

Not only did I get to experience the museum and aquarium without being out of breath/exhausted all day, but when I got too old for a child's stroller, I would always look at kids in strollers and admittedly get jealous. I'm all "I want a stroller for adults." 

You guys: Wheelchairs are strollers for adults! And even better, when you go down a ramp, it's sort of like a little roller coaster. I'm not even joking, I would put my hands up and go "Wheeeeeee!" down the ramps.
 I felt like these monks on a roller coaster

I also had an amazing birthday on Tuesday. Lots of love on facebook and via text. My awesome co-workers decorated my desk and provided both breakfast and lunch. Then for dinner my friend threw a surprise party and we had Indian food and game night! They also donated to help me with some of my added expenses, it was so nice to see all the people who care. And it was so much fun!

 Co-workers decorated my desk - look at the mini cowboy hat!!
 My team (minus Anne) in our mini cowboy hats (and the red mustache for me)
 Surprise party at Bombay Cuisine - my awesome friends (missing Andy, Amber & Kyle)
 My friends made sure I remembered my gender for my bday. In case you forgot - It's a Girl!
Alicia is also being a creeper in the background.

Feeling blessed and also looking forward to more adult strollers.... 


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