Saturday, August 10, 2013

Online Dating: My Attempt to Become a Nigerian Princess

I know you're all probably curious about my title, but first:

Heart Update:

On Wednesday I had a TEE (camera down the throat for a clearer picture of my heart). They found a hole in my heart and the medical terminology is Atrial Septal Defect. I might have had this since I was born and it is just now causing issues. It is likely that this is what caused the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

One of my procedures was denied by insurance (go figure) and now that they know this, they will submit again and insurance will have to approve. I meet with an Adult Congenital Defect Specialist hopefully soon. We'll see if they will do surgery or if it is too risky. 

Essentially: Now I have a "Holy" broken heart!

Also, I got another job to help pay my medical bills. It will be a 10 hour per week, work from home situation. Just a little side cash to help out. I am very lucky to have found this work! 

Now onto the real story.

In the past I tried online dating. I think it can work for some people (I've seen it happen) but after trying it out, it's just not my thing. Not if I'm being serious about finding a partner.

However, I've since given up on seriously looking for a spouse, I thought,why not give it another shot? (no need for the "but you're so young" "don't give up" yada yada yada, let's all move on, shall we?) 

One thing I do know is that a lot of scammers will use online dating to try and prey on vulnerable people. It is sad, but it happens. I won't say that most people in the online dating game do this, but they are out there.

And we all know about the men pretending to be Nigerian Princes. That's one of the older tricks in the book.

                                                          (Yes, I know this is Eddie Murphy)

So, I feel like I should have a little fun with this. Create an online profile, with my picture of me wearing the oxygen (to really play up the vulnerability) and go for it.

When they start asking for help transferring money, I'll play along (not actually giving out any personal information or money, mind you).

I'll also require that they call me princess, because what little girl didn't always want to be a princess when she grew up?

I feel like if I have to be stuck at home, exhausted and bored, I might as well become a Nigerian Princess, right?!?

Ok, I might not do this, but I gotta have a little fun. ;P


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